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Computerized Stencil Machines

Custom Cut Stencil Company offers the CCS24CS Computerized Stencil & Decal Cutting System

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Looking for a computerized/electronic stencil cutting machine for your business? The CCS24CS Computerized Stencil Cutting System is used in many industrial settings to cut stencils ranging from 1/4" text to 24" text or larger. The uses for our computerized stencil machines are unlimited! Our stencil makers provide customized stencils for the aerospace industry, automotive industry, custom precast stencils, stencils for crating and manufacturing, as well as customized stencils for steel, pipe, and welding uses. Even the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines benefit from our computerized stencil machines and customized stencils. Our custom stencil cutting system is heavy duty, made in the U.S.A. and will last for years! Our parts and labor warranty is for two years. Please call 800-620-5077 or email us with any questions that you might have.

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Specifications of the CCS24CS Stencil & Decal Cutting System

Easy to use Key Pad - The keypad includes the following functions: Blade Adjustment /Test Cut, Adjustable Calibrating Knob for Blade Force, Speed Adjustment, Repeat Job Button and a Start/Stop Button.

Strength and Accuracy - Combination of flawless stencil cutting and heavy down force allows our stencil machine to not only cut vinyl, polyethylene, Mylar, magnetic and sandblast material but also .010 and .011 Oilboard (also known as stencil board).

Made in the USA Superior Quality - Our stencil cutting system has a self-healing blade cutting strip that protects the blade when cutting materials without backings, like Oilboard. This provides superior stencil cutting and is much better than using Teflon tape in your stencil cutting applications.

Our Computerized Stencil Machine specifications include:

  • One Meg. Buffer which allows for Large Files
  • Digital Servo Drive Motor
  • Cutting Speed up to 41 ips.
  • Large 29" Cutting Area
  • Auto Sensing 110 or 220 Volt Power Supply
  • 500 Grams of Blade Cutting Force
  • Comes with a 2-Year Factory Warranty for Parts and Labor

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Stencil Software Package

Our outstanding stencil and decal software program is the ideal and necessary component when operating our computerized cutting machines. Our software is easy to use with features you need when cutting customized stencils or decals (vinyl letters). Custom Cut Stencil Company’s stencil machine software offers several stencil fonts, decal fonts and international symbols. Our stencil company employees have tested and used many software programs to cut stencils and decals and have found this software to be the easiest and most complete package available to complement your stencil machine. Besides cutting stencils and decals, you can import the following files into our software package for stencil cutting purposes: .eps, .ai and .dxf files. The stencil and decal software package will work with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. Please call if you have questions - 618.277.5077.

International Symbols | Stencil Fonts

Part #'s for the CCS24CS Computerized Stencil Cutting System and Supplies

Rely on the experienced team at Custom Cut Stencil Co. if you have questions about which package and supplies are best for your unique stencil cutting needs.

CCS24CS: This system includes 24" Stencil Cutter, stencil software, cables, manual, mounting brackets, control center, cutting blade, 1 roll of stencil material 24" x 100 ft. or one roll of decal colored vinyl 15" x 50 yds. And includes transfer tape for customers that want to make decals.

CCSSTND: Optional stand that can be used with the CCS24CS.

CCSEC24: Easy-Cut is the standard stencil material. This material has a clay coating on top to help with over-inking. It has a reusable adhesive backing that will stick to the item being stenciled. This holds your stencil in place and helps with over-spray issues. Roll is 24" x 100 ft.

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CCSOB10: .010 Oilboard. Oilboard roll is 24" x 100 ft.

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CCSPOLY: .005 Mylar 15” x 100 ft. w/ backing.

CCSMAG24: .020 Heavy Magnetic Material measuring 24" x 50 ft.

CCS045: 45 degree blade used for CCSEC24 polyethylene stencil material, decal vinyls and stencil mask.

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CCS060: 60 degree blade used for CCSEC24 polyethelene stencil material, CCSOB10 oilboard, magnetic, sandblast and mylar materials.

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CCSMASK: Special Stencil Mask used for hard to mark surfaces.

CCSDEC: Decal Vinyl - 15" x 50 yds. Custom Cut Stencil Co. offers many colors to choose from.

CCSTRT: Transfer Tape - 14" x 100 yds. Transfer tape is used to apply the vinyl characters to the item that is being marked.