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Industrial Markers

Paint Markers, Ink Markers, and Specialty Ink and Paint Markers

Our markers are not your run-of-the-mill office store markers for the casual user. This is a dependable marking tool that’s permanent, fast-drying, ergonomic and heavy duty. Our large selection of markers offers a comfortable handle that will mark on smooth or rough surfaces. Looking for an industrial marker that is weather resistant and user-friendly? Custom Cut Stencil Company has just what you need.

thats-a-markerMarsh 88

M88 Dye Ink markers are offered in Black , Blue and Red. They are sold in 1 dozen boxes only.

The Marsh 88 markers mark on any surface-Cardboard, Wood, Fabric, even non-porous surfaces. Marsh 88 marker ink won’t fade even in sunlight.

  • CCSM88-BK Black Marker
  • CCSM88-RD Red Marker
  • CCSM88-BL Blue Marker

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Oil Based Paint Markers

paint 100PU-Mark 100 P Industrial Paint Marker

100P colors

Oil-based, permanent paint dries fast, resists water, sunlight, rough handling and various chemicals. The paint adheres well to rusty, oily parts and other difficult surfaces. Ideal for DOT Marking and Q.C. Applications. The new, heavy duty tip and valve action mechanism are designed to last longer and prime faster so you save time and use all the paint in the marker. Comes in two sizes for medium and fine line marking.

  • Available In 14 Intense, Fast Drying, High Visibility Colors
  • Industrial Oil Based Paint for Permanent Marking
  • Precision Valve Regulates Paint Flow
  • Replaceable, Extra Long Bullet Nib
  • Also Available with Fine Point Nib
  • Marks on Wood, Plastic, Rubber, Metal, Corrugated Surfaces
  • Use on Metal, Rubber, Plastic, Lumber, Textiles, Ceramics, Glass, Cement and More

100P Industrial Paint Marker
Black, Item Number 10201
Blue, Item Number 10202
Green, Item Number 10203
Red, Item Number 10204
White, Item Number 10205
Yellow, Item Number 10206
Orange, Item Number 10207
Bright Green, Item Number 10209
Silver, Item Number 10210
Pink, Item Number 10211
Violet, Item Number 10212
Light Blue, Item Number 10213
Gold, Item Number 10214
Brown, Item Number 10215
HD BULLET TIP, Item Number 10100

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100P Fine Line Paint Marker
Black, Item Number 10201FL
Blue, Item Number 10202FL
Green, Item Number 10203FL
Red, Item Number 10204FL
White, Item Number 10205FL
Yellow, Item Number 10206FL
Orange, Item Number 10207FL
Bright Green, Item Number 10209FL
Silver, Item Number 10210FL
Pink, Item Number 10211FL
Violet, Item Number 10212FL
Light Blue, Item Number 10213FL
Gold, Item Number 10214FL
Brown, Item Number 10215FL
FINE LINE TIP, Item Number 10200FL

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paint 130PU-Mark 130P Industrial Paint Marker with Reversible Tip

130P colors

“Bullet On One End, Chisel On The Other!” Convenient reversible nib features a bullet on one end and a chisel on the other. You select the mark width you prefer. To change tip style, simply remove tip and insert opposite end. Stroke Width: Chisel Tip 3/16" (5mm), Bullet Tip 1/8" (3 mm). Offers 30% more industrial paint to extend marking mileage. Marker also has an anti-roll cap with easy clip that’s easy to remove.

130P Industrial Paint Marker with Reversible Tip
Black, Item Number 13001
Blue, Item Number 13002
Green, Item Number 13003
Red, Item Number 13004
White, Item Number 13005
Yellow, Item Number 13006
Orange, Item Number 13007
Light Blue, Item Number 13008
Bright Green, Item Number 13009
Silver, Item Number 13010
Pink, Item Number 13011
Violet, Item Number 13012
Gold, Item Number 13014
Brown, Item Number 13015
BULLET/CHISEL TIP, Item Number 13101

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Xylene-Free Paint Markers

U-Mark’s xylene-free paint markers have become a standard in the industry. The greenlabel® paint technology combines safety with dependable industrial performance by delivering fast drying (approximately 30 seconds), water and weather resistant marks on metals, plastics, ceramics, glass and more. Three proven marker designs feature aluminum barrels with replaceable tips and liquid paint.

paint a10markerU-Mark A10 Paint Marker
A10 colors2

Try our U-Mark A10 Paint Marker with a heavy duty tip for repetitive applications. If you are looking for the best value, this standard paint marker will get the job done. The press-tip valve regulates paint flow and extends marking mileage. Size is 2 mm (10 ml).

A10 Xylene-Free Paint Marker
Black, Item Number 10101
Blue, Item Number 10102
Green, Item Number 10103
Red, Item Number 10104
White, Item Number 10105
Yellow, Item Number 10106
Orange, Item Number 10107
Light Green, Item Number 10109
Silver, Item Number 10110
Pink, Item Number 10111
Violet, Item Number 10112
Light Blue, Item Number 10113
Gold, Item Number 10114
Brown, Item Number 10115
HD BULLET TIP, Item Number 10100

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paint a20markerU-Mark A20 Paint Marker with Reversible Tip

A10 colors2

Custom Cut Stencil Company also offers the U-Mark A20 Paint Marker with Reversible Tip. This marker offers 30% more paint for large marking jobs with a reversible bullet/chisel tip giving you more options. The handy anti-roll cap with clip is easy to remove and replace. Sizes are 5 mm,3 mm (13 ml).

A20 Paint Marker w/ Reversible Tip
Black, Item Number 10701
Blue, Item Number 10702
Green, Item Number 10703
Red, Item Number 10704
White, Item Number 10705
Yellow, Item Number 10706
Orange, Item Number 10707
Light Green, Item Number 10709
Silver, Item Number 10710
Pink, Item Number 10711
Violet, Item Number 10712
Light Blue, Item Number 10713
Gold, Item Number 10714
Brown, Item Number 10715
BULLET/CHISEL TIP, Item Number 13101

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paint a30markerU-Mark A30 Broad Tip Paint Marker

A30 colors

Custom Cut Stencil Company also offers the U-Mark A30 Broad Tip Paint Marker that has an aluminum barrel with a broader tip and can mark in three widths: 7, 5, and 3 mm. If you are looking for better visibility when marking your equipment or supplies, the U-Mark A30 with its Megaflow™ patented valve, will provide you with the size and accuracy you need. Size is 7 mm (17 ml).

A30 Broad Tip Paint Marker
Black, Item Number 10301
Blue, Item Number 10302
Green, Item Number 10303
Red, Item Number 10304
White, Item Number 10305
Yellow, Item Number 10306
Orange, Item Number 10307
Light Green, Item Number 10309
Silver, Item Number 10310
Pink, Item Number 10311
Violet, Item Number 10312
Light Blue, Item Number 10313
CHISEL TIP, Item Number 14000
A30 BELT HOLSTER, Item Number 14200

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Capillary Ink Markers

M15 black

M15 Permanent Marker

Huge, 1” diameter, all aluminum marker body with a large supply of exceptionally fast drying permanent ink. Has an extra-large chisel tip for highly visible marks in 3 sizes, up to 15 mm. Includes and easy to remove, anti-roll cap that fits in back of marker.

Colors: Black (11501), Blue (11502), Red (11504), and Violet (11512).

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M5 Color small

M5 Permanent Marker

Our smaller marker comes in 5/8” diameter, all aluminum marker body filled with exceptionally fast drying, permanent ink. Durable felt chisel tip is 5 mm and versatile (1.5 mm. and 3 mm. marks). Ideal for shipping room usage, marking survey stakes, waxed cartons, plastics and more.

Colors: Black (10550) and Red (10551).

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detergent-removeDR Mark™ Detergent Removable Marker

The DR™ Mark Specialty Markers are used worldwide to identify work in progress for parts, inventory, or to ID re-work items. Tips and paints have been designed and tested to work on tougher surfaces without affecting the surface being marked on. There are several color options available. Size is 2 mm (10 ml).

  • Marks can be removed with alkaline detergents with a ph of 10 or more. Or, simply use Windex® (a registered trademark of S.C. Johnson & Son).
  • Once removed marks leave no adverse effects.
  • The fast drying paint formula leaves highly visible and water resistant marks.

DR™ Mark Detergent Removable Marker Colors
Black, Item Number 10401
Blue, Item Number 10402
Green, Item Number 10403
Red, Item Number 10404
>White, Item Number 10405
Yellow, Item Number 10406
HD BULLET TIP, Item Number 10100

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