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Quality Oilboard and Products Create Great Stencils

By Steve Lewis

Creating quality stencils for use in multiple applications doesn’t only require a top-notch stencil machine…it’s also important to have quality stencil board as an accompaniment. Once you’ve used high-quality oilboard that’s treated with a special combination of oils to defy ink bleed, you’ll see how impressive our number, symbol and letter stencils oilboard really is compared to what the competition offers.

Why use high quality stencil board with your manual stencil cutter?

Because Custom Cut Stencil Company is an authorized distributor for Marsh stencil machines we know top quality when we see it. We also know after years in the stencil cutter industry, clients want stencil machines and products that work as hard as they do. Whether you are out working in the warehouse or out in the field, stencil material is also an important part of the job so it’s completed on time and accurately. Shoddy stencil board in a quality stencil cutter just won’t give you the results you want! The standard oilboard offered at Custom Cut Stencil Co. is designed to be used with Marsh stencil machines, making ideal marks time after time.

What makes Custom Cut Stencil Co. different from the other marking supply companies?

After over 35 years in the industrial marking supply industry, Custom Cut Stencil Co. knows what makes a commercial stencil business prosper. Offering quality products at competitive prices makes them a successful company. However, their exceptional customer service and vast stencil product knowledge makes Custom Cut Stencil Company a leader in the stencil industry. There are many online companies that may sell stencil machines and supplies, but if you have a question or if something goes wrong, who can you call? When you buy a stencil marking product from Custom Cut Stencil Co., you are also purchasing the extra security that goes along with a family-owned and operated small business, specialized in stencil supplies, products and services.  

Custom Cut Stencil Co. wants to be your preferred stencil supply company, offering customized stencil projects, electronic stencil machines, manual stencil machines, and more. No matter what stencil cutter or stencil product you need, Custom Cut Stencil has everything stencil, anytime you need it. Give us a call at (618) 277-5077.

Everything Stencil, Anytime You Need It

Customers have been depending on Belleville, IL based Custom Cut Stencil Company for decades for quality custom stencil, stencil machines, industrial markers and more. Owners Steve and Carolyn Lewis believe that the customers come first, and their extensive knowledge about industrial stencils, products and services have helped them to expand their business beyond their Midwest location to worldwide delivery. Their website,, offers clients opportunities to view products, ask questions, request pricing, and obtain other pertinent purchasing information for manual stencil machines, computerized stencil machines and custom stencils.

Stencil machines and supplies play a major role in the success of various businesses, including military, manufacturers and warehousing facilities. If you manage a warehouse, run pipelines or ship products, there’s nothing more important than ensuring packages and containers are marked correctly and efficiently. Happy customers are return customers, and Steve Lewis recognizes that to be a fundamental truth in any industry he serves…as well as his own.

Custom stencils are also a key focus of Custom Cut Stencils. If you need to obtain pricing information for a custom logo stencil, for example, look no further than the Custom Cut Stencil website. By clicking on the big blue button on the Home Page (“Request a Quote Online”), you can specify the information needed so that Custom Cut Stencil can provide an affordable and timely quote for your next custom logo project. Questions and orders can also be taken by calling toll free 1-800-620-5077 or locally at 618-277-5077.

Interested in other stencil items that Custom Cut Stencil may have to offer? Stencil rollers, Oilboard and other materials such as industrial markers and paint supplies can be purchased by contacting the team at the numbers listed above or on their website. Custom Cut Stencil Company is proud of offering their clients “everything stencil, anytime they need it”. Contact them today and get started on that next stencil project in style!

American Made Stencil Machines...and Proud of It!

78 percent of Americans would rather buy an American product based on a recent poll by Consumer Reports. This number probably doesn’t surprise anyone, with high-unemployment rates and many manufacturing goods being shipped over seas for production, buying American-made products makes good sense for the economy. And, it’s the right thing to do. Custom Cut Stencil Company is proud of their American-made roots, offering custom stencils and American-made Marsh Stencil Machines from our Belleville, Illinois location.

Steve Lewis, a Marine Corps Veteran, and his wife Carolyn, own and manage Custom Cut Stencil Co. working closely with their son and the rest of their dedicated employees. Their main objective is simple: make every customer satisfied with their custom stencil machine purchase and comprehensive ordering experience. Steve has over 35 years of stencil experience, ensuring that with your order of stencil supplies, machines, or custom stencils you are also getting unsurpassed customer service.

Cork Tree Creative spoke with Steve Lewis recently about his local stencil business and what American-made means to him. Custom Cut Stencil was recently awarded the honor for being one of the Top 10 Distributors for MSSC LLC (Marsh Stencil Machines and Supplies) and Lewis stands behind the product, believing Marsh is a good example of an American-made product. “Marsh stencil machines have been around forever, and you’ll often find that they can outlast many other office-related pieces of equipment due to their great-quality and dependability. These manual stencil machines are heavy-duty and over time may start to look a bit 'worn' aesthetically but you’ll still get the same great stencil markings from when it was brand new in the shop.”

When asked what sets his stencil business apart from other stencil companies, Lewis is quick to answer. “We understand stencil machines and the types of materials that work best with them. We have repeat customers that use us time and time again because of our unequaled knowledge in this industry. We are located in Belleville, USA, but can ship internationally too, making us a viable Internet company for industrial stencils and equipment.”

Looking for a custom stencil or stencil machine and would prefer to buy American? Turn to Steve Lewis and the rest of his Custom Cut Stencil Co. team and you won’t be disappointed. Custom Cut Stencil can be found online at or call them toll-free at 800-620-5077.

Industrial marking pens are valuable, everyday tools that are depended upon in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and busy office settings. Industrial markers are not your run-of-the-mill store markers for the casual user, and U-Mark® has been at the forefront of making dependable marking tools used in commercial and industrial applications. Need permanent, fast-drying, ergonomic and heavy duty markers? You can trust the U-Mark® name.  And now, U-Mark® has created a specialty pen like no other.

Have you ever needed to remove an incorrect paint or ink mark from plumbing pipe? Is there a stubborn stain you need to remove from upholstery in your factory or your uniform? The U-Remove™ Stain Remover Pen is a powerful solution to removing those stains and can be used over and over again.  U-Mark® has created the U-Remove™ pen to make your industrial marking jobs easier so if you make a mistake, no problem. This amazing pen can even be used to remove marks on adhesives, ink marks, and paint marks from plastics and metals.And, because the new U-Remove Stain Remover Pen contains a bio-degradable, bleach free formula, it can be used in household settings as well. So while you are removing stubborn stains from clothing, upholstery, and carpets, you can feel confident you are also being environmentally friendly. U-Remove™ can easily be used in your home to remove tomato stains, red wine, and other hard to clean stains. Tired of being frustrated with that pesky stain on your sofa? Try the new U-Remove Stain Remover Pen today!

The U-Remove Stain Remover Pen is easy to use: simply twist off the cap, apply to stain, and watch it disappear. Custom Cut Stencil Co. offers the U-Remove™ Stain Remover Pen along with many other specialty pens for your commercial or industrial marking projects.  U-Mark® Markers can dispense a variety of specialty fluids for stain removal or ink and paint markings that are weather-resistant and user-friendly.  If you’ve ever used a quality marker before, you know the importance of having commercial quality marking pens on-hand at your facility…or household!

Announcing Custom Cut Stencil Co.'s New Website!

Custom Cut Stencil Co., a family-owned and operated custom stencil business since 1995, is happy to announce the launch of their new and improved website. Having a strong online presence in the stencil industry to compete globally, they are also proud of their Belleville, Illinois roots. Owners Steve and Carolyn Lewis have grown their stencil supply business because of their passion and unsurpassed knowledge of stencils, including stencil supplies and stencil machines. Even their son is involved in the success of the business working in computers and graphic design, learning everything there is to know about stencils.

Steve Lewis has spent the entirety of his career in the stencil industry after his dedicated service in the Marine Corps. His first job was at Ideal Stencil. "After working at Ideal Stencil for about 26 years, there was a change in management so my wife and I decided it was the right time to start our own business." Steve worked his way up at Ideal Stencil, starting in shipping and warehouse until he became a sales manager for all states west of the Mississippi River. "I feel that Carolyn and I know a lot about stencils and the stencil machine equipment." Steve also adds, "Our customers use us repeatedly because we've gained their trust because of our knowledge and experience. We truly enjoy what we do, the customers that we serve and that has helped make us successful."

The new Custom Cut Stencil Co. website can be found at If you are looking for a comprehensive stencil machine equipment and supply company, look no further than Custom Cut Stencil Co. They are the preeminent leader for stencil supplies and equipment and can be found online and by visiting their storefront in Belleville, Illinois.

Custom Cut Stencil Co. Wins Coveted Marsh Award!

Proudly recognized as one of the Top 10 Distributors for Marsh manual stencil machines, owners Steve and Carolyn Lewis accepted the prestigious award on January 29, 2014. The award was presented by Marsh President Craig Eversmann and Rita Uhl, Vice President.

Marsh Award Given to Custom Cut Stencil