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Stencil Rollers, Spray Ink and Ink

Stencil Inksstencil ink

Custom Cut Stencil Co.’s Inks are packaged in quart or gallon containers. Our online stencil company offers a stencil ink for all surfaces. For marking cartons, crates, drums or pipe we have the inks you need. Custom Cut Stencil Co. will break cases for your custom stencil needs!  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

  • Colors: Black, White, Green, Blue, Yellow & Red

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Use our Stencil Rollers with our Stencil Inks, Making Your Job Easier
Our simple to use stencil rollers and inks will make your stencil design jobs go smoothly! To use, simply pour the stencil ink into the handle, prime the roller and you are ready to go. Replacement rollers are also available. Stencil roller specifications include:

  • All Metal Unit
  • Simplicity of use: Unscrew Filler Cap and Pour Ink into Handle
  • Replacement Rollers are Available
  • Comes in 3" Wide & 1.5" Roller Sizes

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Stencil Roller Part Numbers:
CCSRFR200-30         FOR 3”
CCSRFR200-15        FOR 1.5”

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Hand Stencil Rollers – Custom Cut Stencil Co. also stocks 1- 1/2" and 3" hand stencil roller units. Our hand stencil rollers can be used with our 7 1/4" x 4 1/4" Ink Pad. To use, simply pour ink on the pad, roll unit over pad to apply ink, and then apply to stencil. Custom Cut Stencil Co. also stocks replacement rollers for your added convenience.
Hand Stencil Roller Part Numbers:
CCSRM20-15        1.5” UNIT     Replacement Roller is CCSRM10-15     1.5” Unit
CCSRM20-30        3” UNIT        Replacement Roller is CCSRM10-30     3” Unit

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Ink Pad Part Number:

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