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Wide Variety of Stencil Materials

Custom Cut Stencils Specializes in Industrial Stencils, Letter Sets, Number Sets and Business Logo's

If you are looking for a custom stencil for your specialized project, our stencils are a very affordable option for your business stencil needs. For less than $10.00, Mylar stencils with a 1" character height and up to 10 characters can be used time and time again! Custom Cut Stencil Co. offers a wide variety of stencil materials and we can cut a wide range of sizes and styles: 1/8" to 24" characters, logos, arrows, other symbols, custom logos, and much more! On the RFQ form please tell us your text, character height or space available and the material you would like to use.

Our Standard Stencil Cutting Materials are:

Oilboard Stencil material (also known as Stencil board) – This extremely popular stencil material is of high quality. Oilboard is a reusable stencil material that is .015" thick and very durable.


Mylar Stencils – Described as a “milky plastic”, Mylar stencils are very popular. This reusable stencil material is extremely durable, can be easily cleaned with solvent and can be used many times and saved. This mylar material is .014" thick.


Polyethylene Stencils – Polyethylene stencils are made of a strong .008" thick polyethylene material with low tack reusable adhesive. Our Polyethylene stencils are durable but are limited to 10-25 uses depending on the surface being marked. Polyethylene allows the stencil to stick briefly to the item to be stenciled so no tape or magnets are needed. Polyethylene stencils are great for marking pipe or for hard to mark surfaces.


Magnetic Stencils – Magnetic stencils are used in many custom application projects. This custom stencil is .020" thick and because it’s magnetized, can easily mark your stencil message on storage containers, drums, pipes, steel, railcars, dumpsters and much, much more. Minimum character size is 1”.


1/8" Plastic Stencils – Are you looking for a material heavy enough to be used to make stencil markings on a parking lot or warehouse floor? Our customized 1/8” plastic stencils are ideal stencils for a variety of large and heavy duty applications. Smallest Character size is 1”.